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Fantasy Sheep wig comparison photos

So, tons of people on coscom have talked about how the colour of their FS wigs are different from how they were displayed on the FS shop. I figured I'd do some comparison shots to help people have an idea of how different their photos can be from real life. Sometimes they're fine, other times studio lighting doesn't do wigs justice.

I own tons of FS wigs and know friends who own some too [though I don't have any of my friend's wigs on hand at the moment, sadly] so I thought I'd help out.

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New! I've now typed up what I hope is a helpful how to order from Fantasty Sheep post. ♥
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button making help

I'm really interested in getting a button making machine as I'd like to sell stuff online and start doing artist alley stuff at cons, but there are tons out there and they're pretty expensive so I don't want to get a bad one or something. I'm googling around and doing research and all, but if anyone here makes their own buttons or has information that could help me out I'd love some advice. Anything I should look for? Anything I should avoid? What do you use?

I'm thinking about going with one inch or one and a half in sized buttons, so maybe there's a good machine that'll let me do both? If not I'd probably go with 1 and 1/4 sized or something, I dunno. ;;

But YEAH any help would be fantastic. :D
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]

AZ to do list

okay AZ is in 10 days so it's time for a to do list!

⇒ Finish Tavros horns
→→ get more model magic
→→ mould second horn
→→ sand both after they harden
→→ paint
→→ gloss
→→ attach to headnband
⇒ finish robo legs
→→ paint the metal parts and have it hopefully look good.
→→ get boots/shoes and spray paint them
⇒ dye hair

⇒ razor cut Jade wig
⇒ put face on Squiddle bag

⇒ make bow for Yukari
⇒ and her necklace, too...

lol this plus packing and making cakes for my room party? I CAN SO DO THIS. LAST MINUTE COSPLAY SCRAMBLING AWW YEEEAH.
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tattoo ideas

At this point I don't think any of my inks wont be bookish. xD

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So yes, these are the ideas I'm tossing around. I'm not doing this soon [tattoos are best not rushed] but I DO want to get another. I'm thinking of getting the Deathly Hallows sign before the next movie though, or maybe the day of the midnight showing? idk idk

Anyway, I'd love some opinions/suggestions! What locations might be nice? What ideas do you like most? etc etc. I know what's most important is me being happy with my tattoo, but I still like having second opinions.
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]

What's wrong with being fat?

I had a conversation with my mum the other day about my hair. Long story short, she said it suited me very well. I replied something to the effect of "You think so? I'm glad. I worry I'm too fat for a short cut like this, but I'm really happy with it, so cool." To which she replied, as she always does when I say I'm fat, with telling me something along the lines of "What? Why would you think that? You're not fat!" This time I respond and say "I just mean if I had a less rounded face I think my cut would look better on me. And maybe not to you, but I think I'm fat." To which she got a tad upset and insisted I wasn't. So I asked her; what's so bad about being fat? If I said "I'm skinny" you wouldn't be upset. Why is being fat a bad thing?" And she didn't know quite what to say. So I added "I'm not saying I'm morbidly obease or anything, because I'm not." to which she said "Well, good."

And honestly, it's not 100% true; I do have an idea of why she automaticaly took it as a negative thing. Because our society does. Fat is bad, ugly, comedic, and generally unattractive and undesirable. Ideals of beauty have changed, and with it so have how people peircive themselves and weigh their self worth. It's truely saddening.

Another conversation I've had was when a friend jokingly called me fat and, instead of getting upset or defensive, I agreed. She got very upet and wouldn't let me get off the phone until I took it back and said I wasn't fat. I only caved in and did it as it was late and I was tired. I tried to explain that it's okay, being fat wasn't a bad thing, but she was upset and kept saying sorry for it.

In high school I wasn't quite as confident about it as I am now, so I can understand that it can be hard for people to honestly be fat and okay with it, but once you're there it's fantastic. It's far nicer, to me, to accept being fat and deal with the issues it may bring [cosplay is a great hobby for someone who is fat, let me tell you /sarcasm] than to lie to yourself about your size and have it constantly thrown back in your face.

So, honestly; what's so bad about being fat? The size of my jeans doesn't make me a better or worse person, and my weight doesn't make me smarter or dumber, and how I look doesn't define who I am. Who I am defines who I am.

(I will note, however, that this doesn't mean not wanting to be fat is bad. I'm working on losing weight by working out when I can, as I don't want to be fat. But it doesn't make fat BAD. It's like saying you don't want to have brown hair and that you'd rather be a redhead. Not wanting to be one thing doesn't mean it's bad, it's just not your cup of tea.)
homestuck - this is stupid


So, apparently is isn't as long as said friend thought, and there were only 5,600+ pages. I finished it the other day, much to my glee. I'm already wanting to cosplay from it haha~

Oh well, time to be patient and work on my other cosplays. Animazement isn't far off now!